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ABOUT Stephen

Stephen Kearney


✉ stephen.kearney [at]

PhD Candidate

I completed my undergraduate degree in environmental management at UQ. This degree covered a variety of scientific, social, economic and political dimensions of environmental management in Australia and internationally. Through these studies I gained experience with state government, NGOs and field researchers. I also had the chance to undertake an honours thesis with James Watson and Lucie Bland. For this research, I used a conservation decision-making tool (the Project Prioritisation Protocol) to prioritise IUCN Data Deficient species for field survey. Through my undergraduate and honours work I developed a particular interest in threatened species management.


I was lucky enough to be able to turn this interest into PhD research with the GFS lab at UQ. My research is broadly focussed on threatened species conservation in Australia. Initially I am looking at the effectiveness of protected area in threatened species management. Following on from this I am looking at where threats are and where the species are that are threatened by them to determine where management actions are needed to effectively and efficiently conserve threatened species in Australia.

Green Fire Science

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