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Madagascar: Crime threatens biodiversity.

Madagascar’s new president, Andry

Rajoelina, was elected on a promise to

improve living standards for the millions

who live in poverty (1). To achieve this

goal, he must address the declining rule

of law. Madagascar fell eight places in the

Rule of Law Index between 2016 and 2018

(2), and it is 155th of 180 countries listed

in the Corruption Perceptions Index (3).

Weak governance slows development by

reducing the willingness of citizens and

foreign companies to invest (4). Since

his election, President Rajoelina has

expressed a desire to make Madagascar

a model of conservation and a destina-

tion for ecotourism (5). The solutions

to the country’s poverty—strengthening

Madagascar’s government and reducing

crime—are also key to turning around the

country’s precipitous loss of biodiversity.

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