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American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting - New Orleans


In December I attended the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans and presented my research on the impact of urban growth on temperature in a sub-tropical city.

Urban growth and the UHI in a sub-tropical city

We simulated Brisbane’s temperature with two scenarios of urban growth; Zero Vegetation and a Medium Density scenario. We found increases in temperatures in both scenarios, particularly during an extreme heat event when urban residents would already face increased heat stress risk. Considering the impacts on temperature of urban growth should be a priority in urban planning to reduce the risks of heat stress, which will only get worse as the climate warms. The full presentation is available here.

As well as presenting, I got to listen to speakers from NASA about Jupiter’s aurora, the Cassini mission to Saturn and the possibility of life in the solar system, as well as talks on glaciers, climate change and public outreach.

The keynote presentations were a highlight, and it’s the first time I’ve heard a rap about climate change: ‘Make it Hot’ by Babba Brinkman. Journalist Dan Rather’s keynote, ‘A Return to Reason’, on the need to communicate science, and call for journalists to better communicate science so scientists could focus on the science, was compelling.

After the conference I had the chance to explore New Orleans’ beautiful French Quarter and try some amazing food. Overall, amazing conference!

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