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Saving the Green in Our Suburbs

The Wilderness Society (TWS) and Environmental Defenders Office held an event on the 21st June, 2017, to discuss land clearing in urban areas of Queensland. As part of this, TWS reached out to GreenFire Science (GFS) to give a presentation on the broader context of Australia’s biodiversity crisis and the impact of land-clearing on Australia’s flora and fauna. Stephen and James presented to 110 locals about the threats to Australian species, the role land-clearing plays in these, some of the work by colleagues at UQ on the rates, drivers and ecological impacts of land-clearing in Australia as well as the electoral analysis we are currently undertaking. See here for more details on the electoral analysis. The slides from the presentation can be found here.

Stephen presenting on Australia’s biodiversity crisis with photos of the Golden-shouldered Parrot and Night Parrot – two of the species that GFS is undertaking research on to improve the understanding of the threats to them in order to better conserve the species.

James discussing the rates and drivers of land-clearing in Australia

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