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GFS Social Event - May, 2016

GFS held a social event last week - a round robin table tennis competition at The University of Queensland. Lab members were randomly put into pairs, and then battled it out for five entertaining rounds of first-to-11 table tennis. The two most successful teams from these five rounds won through to the final match.

James W and Kendall started in unconvincing fashion, but gathered momentum as the rounds progressed to win straight through to the final. James A and Sarah showed flashes of brilliance, but battled for consistency, and bowed out without registering a win. April and Nicki fought hard. Luck wasn't on their side, however, finishing in fourth place. A sudden death play-off was needed to separate the teams of Bonnie and Moreno and Courtney and Cristina, lifting the growing number of spectators gathered around the makeshift table tennis arena. After what was deemed to be the most entertaining (and controversial) game of the afternoon, and Courtney and Cristina triumphed to set up a date with James and Kendall in the final match.

Unlike previous rounds, the final match was first to 21 points. It was a see-sawing affair, with no more than 3 points separating the two teams at any stage. Courtney and Cristina comprehensively beat James and Kendall in the first round, and carried this confidence into the early exchanges of the final. But James and Kendall rallied against the pressure, and with the setting sun limiting visibility, strung 4 good serves together to wrap up the match 21 - 18.

Congratulations to James and Kendall - the inaugural GFS table tennis champions.

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