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AMOS Conference - Urban Heat Island

AMOS Conference in Melbourne

I recently attended the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) conference at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. The event lasted for 4 days and included sessions on urban climate, extreme events, and general climatology.

I presented in the lightning round and submitted a poster on a systematic review into the impacts of climate change and urbanization on the urban heat island. The lightning round lasted 1 minute, and gave me the chance to present the key points from my poster to a large audience. Afterwards, I discussed my research in more detail at the poster session.

My main interest was in the urban climate sessions, and I attended all of them on the first day. I had the opportunity to meet with urban climate scientists from all over Australia and discuss their work and my PhD. Once the urban climate sessions were over I spent the rest of the conference listening to presentations on a variety of topics. The education and outreach sessions on public perceptions of science, and communicating climate change were particularly interesting. The renewable energy sessions and the presentation on wave-energy were also very engaging.

The conference dinner was held at the Melbourne Museum, and pre-dinner drinks were enjoyed among the dinosaur skeletons. It was a good opportunity to meet more people, without having to worry about rushing to another conference session.

The highlight of the conference for me was meeting researchers from Monash, UNSW and the CSIRO, discussing their work and getting new ideas for my PhD.

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