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Protected areas and global conservation of migratory birds

Runge, C. A., Watson, J.E.M , Butchart, S., Hanson, J. O., Possingham, H.P., and R. A. Fuller (2015). Protected areas and global conservation of migratory birds. Science, 350: 1255 – 1258.

In this paper we looked at how well protected areas cover the distributions of migratory birds, taking into account their need for protection in their breeding grounds, non-breeding grounds and the stop-over sites in between.

We discovered that just 9% of 1451 migratory birds are adequately covered by protected areas across all stages of their annual cycle, in comparison with 45% of non-migratory birds. Our results indicate that global efforts toward coordinated conservation planning for migrants are yet to bear fruit.

The current expansion of protected areas to meet CBD targets is a great opportunity to fill in key gaps for migratory species, but better-targeted investment and enhanced coordination among countries will be essential to preserve the incredible migratory journeys that have amazed people for generations.

Scientific American did a nice info-graphic.

Download the paper here.

Read the paper online here.

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