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Moreno Di Marco


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PhD Candidate

I’m from the UK, but have lived in Southeast Asia for nearly ten years. I studied Ecology and Conservation at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, where my Masters research focused on birds in tropical farmland landscapes. I’m now based in Cambodia where I work for the Wildlife Conservation Society, reconciling conservation and development in a rapidly changing country.


I am currently a PhD candidate at Charles Darwin University supervised by Stephen Garnett, co-supervised by James Watson at the University of Queensland and Paul Dolman at the University of East Anglia. My research centers around the Bengal Florican, a Critically Endangered bird with a small and highly fragmented population that depends on an agricultural landscape.


The aim of my PhD research is to advance our understanding of how conservationists can address the issues facing species with extremely small and declining populations, which live in human-dominated landscapes.

Have questions about my research? Please feel free to  follow me on twitter!

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