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Sarah Chapman

PhD Candidate

I grew up in Australia before moving to Canada for university. I studied Environmental Science at McGill University, Montreal, with a focus on Environmetrics and a minor in Economics. While in Canada I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador and Costa Rica for volunteer work.


After completing my undergraduate I returned to Australia to complete a Masters at the University of Queensland. As part of my Masters I researched publishing trends in conversation biology and climate science. I also studied bird migration in Australia and the impact of urbanized areas.

I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, being supervised by Clive McAlpine, James Watson, Marcus Thatcher and Alvaro Salazar. My research focuses on the impact of urban growth and climate change on the urban heat island urban heat stress. I am currently doing a case study of Brisbane, but hope to expand the reserach to other cities.


✉ s.chapman [at]

Room 323, Steele Building

Green Fire Science

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