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Moreno Di Marco


✉ p.negret [at]

PhD Candidate

I grew up in Colombia, where ever since I was a kid I accompanied my father in his biology field trips. I was amazed with all the life and diversity you could discover everywhere and the complexity of life interactions in this ecosystems. This inspired me to study biology and then do a masters in tropical ecology.

My master’s project aimed to disentangle the relations between altitudinal changes, fruit production and frugivorous bird’s diversity and abundance in one of the most diverse places on earth, the Amazon-Andes foothills. To fulfil this goal I spent one year in this amazing area gathering field information. During this period I also gathered information on an almost unknown subspecies of an endangered bird. Being able to report the subspecies status.

After finishing my master’s, I worked in different ecology and conservation projects, including assisted nesting of Arrau and yellow-spotted river turtles, camera trapping and vegetation plots in the Yasuní national park in Ecuador and big cat conservation and ecology with Panthera in Colombia.


I am now a PhD student interested in ecology and biodiversity conservation, particularly understanding how different biological and anthropic factors affect biodiversity patterns and conservation outcomes in the South American tropics.

Research links:

ResearchGate profile

Green Fire Science

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