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Indigenous Peoples Have a Critical Role in Conserving Nature - Scientific America

More fish, more fishing: why strategic marine park placement is a win-win - The Conversation

Guns, snares and bulldozers: new map reveals hotspots for harm to wildlife - The Conversation

When extreme weather wipes out wildlife, the fallout can last for years - The Conversation

Death by 775 cuts: how conservation law is failing the black-throated finch - The Conversation

For the first time we’ve looked at every threatened bird in Australia side-by-side - The Conversation

Rusia, Canadá, Australia, EE UU y Brasil: el futuro del 70% de los espacios vírgenes del planeta depende de ellos - The Conversation

The Last of the Ocean Wilderness - Scientific America

Earth's wilderness is vanishing, and just a handful of nations can save it - The Conversation


Indigenous stewardship is crucial for conservation - Mongabay


Indigenous peoples are crucial for conservation - The Conversation


The critical role of indigenous people in conservation - National Geographic Blog


We Should Embrace Scavengers and Predators


Leopards in a city park in India may help lower human injuries and deaths from stray dog bites


Helping farmers and reducing car crashes: the surprising benefits of predators


Climate change in the Pacific: Are community-based adaptation efforts working?


Just ten MPs represent more than 600 threatened species in their electorates


Scientific integrity must be defended, our planet depends on it


The Great Barrier Reef isn’t listed as ‘in danger’ - but it’s still in big trouble


Earth’s wildernesses are disappearing, and not enough of them are World Heritage-listed


It’s time for the World Heritage Convention to step up protection of globally significant wilderness areas


Land clearing on the rise as legal 'thinning' proves far from clear-cut


More than half the world's most important natural sites are under threat: it's time to protect them


Achieving the targets of global conventions


To conserve or exploit: The choice is ours


Trump presidency presents challenges and opportunities for the environment


The inequity in climate change


Half the world's ecosystems are at risk from habitat loss, and Australia is one of the worst


Our impacts on the Earth are slowing down relative to population and economic growth


Climate change is affecting all life on Earth – and that’s not good news for humanity


What an ancient water flea could tell us about the future of humanity


Time Magazine: Why Our Wilderness Matters


Four environmental reasons why fast-tracking the Carmichael coal mine is a bad idea


The world’s carbon stores are going up in smoke with vanishing wilderness


Hunting, fishing and farming remain the biggest threats to wildlife


Queensland land clearing is undermining Australia’s environmental progress


The best way to protect us from climate change? Save our ecosystems


Australia, the US and Europe are climate ‘free-riders’: it’s time to step up


Unique Australian wildlife risks vanishing as ecosystems suffer death by a thousand cuts


Signs of hope for nature in a rapidly degrading world


The inequity in climate change? How unfair is that?


Bring climate change back from the future


Intact ecosystems provide best defence against climate change


As habitat vanishes, migratory birds are in free fall


What are we actually protecting in the ocean?


Bolder science needed now for protected areas


Offsetting biodiversity: greening or greenwashing?


Fulfilling the broken promise of nature reserves


Land clearing in Queensland triples after policy ping pong


Who will save the last primary forests on Earth


Bridging the science-implementation gap: engaging with conservation NGOs can make the difference


Being climate smart means looking forward and backward. Cost-effective conservation in a time of climate change


Adapt or die: where in the world should we start on cost-effective conservation


We’ve been asking the wrong questions about conservation


Major policy issues in Oceania


Of big pictures and cross scales


Why the divide?


A walk on the wild side


Green Fire Science

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