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ABOUT Nicole

Nicki Shumway


✉ shumwayn [at]

Room 318B, Goddard Building

PhD Candidate

I’m from the US originally and studied Marine Biology at Michigan State University. I was fortunate enough to work on various marine research projects in the US and Costa Rica before moving to Australia to complete my Masters degree in Conservation Biology in 2012. My Master’s research focused on evaluating the likelihood of participation in urban koala conservation activities (supervised by Clive McAlpine and Leonie Seabrook).


I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, being supervised by Martine Maron and James Watson. My research interests include human-predator conflict and conservation policy, with a focus on minimizing the effect of human activities on vulnerable populations.


The aim of my PhD research is to advance both the theoretical and practical basis for marine biodiversity offsets, and to investigate how offsets can be used to minimize impacts on the marine environment and more effectively achieve no net loss of biodiversity.


Have questions about my research? Please feel free to email me or follow me on twitter!



Check out my latest publications here!

Green Fire Science

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