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Rio Conventions Pavilion at CBD COP 14


Building Post-2020 Conservation Targets Based on What Nature Needs


Call to protect wilderness before it's too late - Mongabay


Five countries hold 70% of world's wilderness - The Guardian


The world's wilderness areas are disappearing - NY Times


Australia among world's wildest places in need of protection - ABC News

A naturalist with a checkered past rediscovered a long-lost parrot...then things got interesting - Audubon Magazine


Half of the planet should be set aside for wildlife - to save ourselves - New Scientist


The habitats of threatened species are shrinking, despite laws set up to protect them - ABC News


Ocean wilderness disappearing globally  - BBC News


Almost all world's oceans damaged by human impact - The Guardian


Global marine wilderness has dwindled to13 percent - Mongabay


Nature retention, not just protection, crucial to maintain biodiversity - Mongabay


Why expanding protected areas isn't enough - Scientific American


Intense human pressure threatens one-third of protected areas - Cool Green Science


Selling the Protected Area Myth - New York Times


Major report paints grim picture of biodiversity


The world's wilderness: going, going, and soon gone?


Friend, not foe: Review highlights benefits of predators and scavengers - Mongabay


Losing the wilderness: a 10th has gone since 1992 – and gone for good - The Guardian


10 electorates contain 600 threatened species - The Guardian


Queensland tree-clearing: WWF busts myths spread by industry lobbyists


Land clearing rates in Queensland on par with Brazil, new study finds


Fledgling night parrot spotted by researchers


No longer wild: How Natural World Heritage Sites Are Being Spoiled


Where logging reigns, going beyond sharing vs sparing


More than 100 natural world heritage sites degraded by human activity


Humans Threaten Over 100 Precious Natural Heritage Sites


What’s in reserve?


The future of wilderness


Where do you start with the Galapagos?



TV and Radio


Back from the Dead - Nick Leseberg, ABC Off Track Radio


Our last chance to save the wildest places on earth - James Watson, Radio Interview


The last wild places on the planet - James Watson, Interview


Protected areas for threatened species in Australia - James Watson, Radio Interview


Night Parrots - Nick Leseberg, Wildlife, Cake and Cocktails Podcast


Threatened species recovery plans - James Watson, ABC Radio


Reviled animals could be our powerful allies - Chris O'Bryan


Threatened species and climate change - April Reside, Beyond Zero


Climate action needed now to save species - James Watson, Beyond Zero


Night Parrots - Nick Leseberg on Mongabay Newscast


Night Parrots - Nick Leseberg on BBC World


World Heritage Sites - James Allan on Totally Wild


Half Earth - James Watson on ABC


Electoral Analysis and Threatened Species - James Watson on ABC


Land use planning under climate change - Sean Maxwell on Totally Wild


Night Parrots - Nick Leseberg on Totally Wild


Threatened Species - James Watson on ABC Radio


Great Barrier Reef and UNESCO - James Watson RNZ interview


Climate Smokescreen - The Project


Queensland's tree clearing rate compared to Brazil: new report


Night Parrot: What happens when the world's most endangered species is discovered on your property


Human traffic wiping away heritage history - The Wire


Human activity compromises World Heritage Sites - ABC News


Take a walk on the wild side - James Watson Wilderness Interview


Wilderness Loss - Kendall Jones on ABC News


James Watson on Protected Areas WCS


Protected Areas Get Shortshrift - Scientific American


US - China emissions deal - James Watson on ABC News




Green Fire Science

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