ABOUT Leslie

Leslie Roberson


✉ l.roberson [at] uq.edu.au

Phd Candidate

I grew up in Seattle, Washington State, which has given me a soft spot for water, self-righteous greenies, and fancy coffee. I have a Bachelors in Environmental Studies from Yale University and a Masters in Applied Marine Science from the University of Cape Town. I've been lucky to work on with several conservation and resource management projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, and South Africa. I spent a year studying sea turtle by-catch and traditional fisheries in a village in Ghana, West Africa, where I learned many practical skills including how to elegantly pee off a moving canoe.


I'm now a PhD student working with Salit Kark, James Watson, and Chris Wilcox. I'm passionate about all things fisheries except actually fishing, which I find excruciatingly boring because I can never catch anything. I'm also one of the few surfers who wants to see more sharks in the water. My current research is inspired by a need to bridge fisheries management and marine conservation, and I'm focusing on fisheries interactions as key threats to megafauna species. Many hours chatting to all sorts of fishermen has inspired me to use a lens of individual behavior theories to explore variations in catch and bycatch across operators within a fishery. Ultimately, my objective is to develop cost-effective interventions to improve the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability of global seafood.

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