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ABOUT Leonie

Moreno Di Marco


✉ l.seabrook [at]

Room 318B, Steele Building

Research Fellow

I am a landscape ecologist and ecological historian. I grew up in East Africa, and developed a keen interest in natural history from many trips to game parks, where my dad’s interest in photography allowed me to spend long hours observing animal behaviour!


My research background is in modelling the drivers and patterns of landscape change. I want to understand the interactions between species and their environments, as influenced by multiple social-ecological processes over time. I was awarded my PhD in 2007, and since then have worked on several research projects at UQ. Currently, I am working on an ARC Discovery project with Clive McAlpine, James Watson and Alvaro Salazar (among others) that looks at the feedbacks of deforestation on regional climate change in South East Asia.


Ideally, I would like my research to contribute towards developing management plans that deliver successful outcomes in real-world social, economic and legislative conditions, but failing that I just want to save the planet. 


Have questions about my research? Please feel free to email me or follow me on twitter.

Check out my latest publications here!

Green Fire Science

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