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Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a landscape/seascape ecologist with interests in a wide range of environemental and ecological questions, and have predominantly focused on coral reef systems.  My ultimate goals are to understand and predict the impacts of environmental variability and change on marine and coastal social-ecological systems at local and global scales, in-order to support local adaptation planning and management.


I have also explored questions in a range of other fields in environmental modeling, including hydrology and water resources, sustainable agriculture and food security, and climate science. Given the many large and diverse data sets that I work with, I have also become involved with data science projects focused on developing tools for integrating, analyzing and extracting information from multiple (often large) data sets more effectively, making it easier to include cross-disciplinary information in addressing complex environmental and ecological questions.


I work closely with WCS field practitioners internationally and with CEED/GPEM researchers at UQ to help bridge the gap between academic research and applied conservation science.

Green Fire Science

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