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ABOUT Georgia

Moreno Di Marco


✉ georgia.meredith [at]

Honours Student

I have recently completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Management. This degree has made me realise how complex the interactions between people and nature can be, and has shown me that the solutions to problems between them can be just as complex.

During this degree I was lucky to work with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program in the Tasmanian government for four months. Here I learnt more about the management of an iconic Australian species. I have also been able to travel to Peru as part of my studies, where I learnt more about the threatened wildlife of the area, and the challenges in protecting it. These previous experiences have made me more interested in threatened species management, and how protected areas might assist with the conservation and management of species.

My honours thesis, completed in 2016 under the guidance of Assoc. Prof James Watson and Prof Marc Hockings, with the assistance of Stephen Kearney, focused on the adequacy of Australia’s protected area system to protect threatened Australian species, particularly mammal species. So far it seems that our protected area system could be doing a lot more to assist with the conservation of these species.

Green Fire Science

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