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Adjunct Associate Professor




I am a conservation ecologist and environmental consultant who has work for over 30 years in northern Australia. I now divide my time between north Queensland and Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

My main interest is integrating robust and practical science into real-world conservation management. I work with first nation’s people, pastoral land managers and natural resource management groups to help them with their planning, fire management and biological monitoring programs. I am also interested in the much neglected drivers of species distribution and abundance, including geology, soil biology and flooding.

I have been assisting in the conservation of Golden-shouldered Parrots for nearly 30 years. This has ranged from studying the habitat and food requirements of the parrots to preparing management plans and guidelines. I am proud to be part of the Golden-shouldered Parrot Recovery Team, which is the first Indigenous-led recovery team in Australia.

My current projects include

  • Assessing the conservation status and extinction risk of the Golden-shouldered Parrot

  • Identifying the nutrient pathways influencing the distribution of Glossy-Black-Cockatoos

  • Understanding the impact of flooding on ecology and evolution

Selected publications

  1. Crowley G. M. & Preece N. D. (2019) Does extreme flooding drive vegetation and faunal composition across the Gulf Plains of northeastern Australia? Austral Ecology. 44, 1256-70.

  2. Shima A. L., Gillieson D. S., Crowley G. M., Dwyer R. G. & Berger L. (2018) Factors affecting the mortality of Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi) by vehicle strike. Wildlife Res. 45, 559-69.

  3. Crowley G. M. (2016) Trends in natural resource management in Australia’s Monsoonal North:  The conservation economy. The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia.

  4. Crowley G. M. (2016) Climate change in the Southern Gulf region: Nature, impacts and responses. Southern Gulf Natural Resource Management, Mount Isa, Queensland.

  5. Crowley G. M., Garnett S. T. & Shephard S. (2009) Impact of storm-burns on Melaleuca viridiflora invasion of grasslands and grassy woodlands on Cape York Peninsula, Australia. Austral Ecology. 34, 196-209.

  6. Crowley G. M. & Garnett S. T. (2001) Food value and tree selection by glossy black-cockatoos Calyptorhynchus lathami. Austral Ecology. 26, 116-26.

Green Fire Science

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