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ABOUT Cristina

Cristina Romero


✉ c.romero [at]

Room 408, Goddard Building

PhD Candidate

Cristina is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Queensland. She is particularly interested in people-biodiversity interactions and applied conservation topics. Her research focuses on how to promote wildlife stewardship and conflict sensitive conservation.

In particular, she explores:

  • the effects of conservation interventions on human wellbeing and how those effects influence conservation success 

  • the contextual and socio-psychological factors that influence support for conservation policies and behaviours

  • the design of conservation interventions that are better targeted to specific audiences and contexts


Cristina holds a Master of Environmental Management from the University of Queensland. She has previously worked as a veterinarian, and as researcher participating in wildlife biology, landscape ecology, climate change adaptation planning, sustainable agriculture, and diffusion of innovations projects.

Green Fire Science

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