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ABOUT Milton





PhD Candidate

I have a background in environmental engineering. After finishing my bachelor in 2008 I started working to the State Department of Sustainable Economic Development in Santa Catarina (Brazil) to support governmental decision-making, policy and schemes in the areas of sanitation and the environment. My research is broadly focused on life-cycle thinking. During my Master’s degree I assessed the environmental performance of wastepaper management systems (i.e. end-of-life approach) and now my PhD is focused on the very early stages of the life-cycle of biofuel production in Brazil – the land-use. I am particularly interested in the land-use change driven by future demand for sugarcane ethanol in Brazil, and its consequences for carbon stock and biodiversity conservation. Using an integrated land-use planning approach, I aim to guide ethanol-driven land-use change away from important areas for conservation in Brazil.

Green Fire Science

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