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ABOUT Moreno

Moreno Di Marco


✉ m.dimarco [at]

Postdoctoral Fellow

Since 2007, I have been involved in conservation projects on mammals species at different spatial scales. I have been working on the ecology and conservation of large carnivores in Abruzzo National Park (Italy) and I have subsequently been involved in several research projects on global biodiversity conservation. As part of my PhD, I have investigated the factors predicting extinction risk in mammals, as well as optimal strategies for reducing their extinction risk globally. More in general, I am interested in evaluating the effects of human impact on species extinction and ecology, and I am also interested in understanding how humans modify global macroecological patterns. I have recently worked on the interaction between global biodiversity targets, as well as the relationship between different approaches to achieve these targets.

During 2015-2017 I have been based at the University of Queensland, where I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, in the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. I am currently based at CSIRO Land & Water


I enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, and any other activity that brings me away from my desk!

Green Fire Science

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