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PhD Candidate





I completed degrees in Psychology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado- Boulder with the Latin honors Magna sum laude. My passion for studying wildlife ecology was ignited when I studied abroad in Queensland where I developed a research project examining interactions between lace monitor lizards and humans on Fraser Island. After graduating, I worked as a field research technician on several USA federal government and university projects focused on the management and conservation of threatened reptiles and amphibians.


For my PhD at the University of Queensland, I will research the ecology and conservation of Southeast Asian rainforest wildlife with Dr. Matthew Luskin and Dr. James Watson as my supervisors. Southeast Asia is a biodiversity hotspot that is experiencing immense pressures from deforestation, logging, agriculture, and hunting. By understanding how these threats alter wildlife communities, I hope to contribute to generating meaningful conservation measures. Specifically, I will utilize a regional multi-site approach to analyze how the the loss of apex predators influence the remaining wildlife community, and how herbivore populations are controlled by the unique mast-fruiting phenology that defines these Southeast Asian rainforests.

Green Fire Science

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