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PhD Candidate

I began my PhD at the beginning of 2019. I graduated from the UQ Applied Science degree in 2015 and then began an honurs project studying the diet and foraging behaviors of the Black-breasted Button Quail. This bizarre group of birds sparked an unnatural obsession with all things Button Quail. In the years following I established additional research projects, exploring the ecology of the Black-breasted Button Quail. This theme has continued into my PhD, which will be focused on the ecology of the ever elusive Buff-breasted Button Quail. This species supposedly resides in the dry woodland of Cape York. The project will be heavily field based, as we attempt to uncover aspects of its ecology such as habitat use, movements, diet and interaction with other button quail.


Button Quail aside, my interests lie in the varied field of natural history, however, birds certainly capture my interest more than any other group. This interest began as a school boy and hasn't shown any signs of slowing. I have become increasingly involved with various bird banding projects across Queensland. I am currently facilitating the establishment of further banding studies focused on tropical bird populations, waterfowl and Button Quail.


I am incredibly excited for the coming years as we uncover the mystery that is the Buff-breasted Button Quail and become more involved with this team. The Green Fire Science Lab has the opportunity to create positive change in the conservation of Australia's threatened species and I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of this team.

Green Fire Science

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