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Moreno Di Marco


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PhD Candidate

I grew up with a love of nature inherited from my grandparents. With childhood interests in butterflies and birds it was perhaps suprising that first degree was in Information Technology from the University of Queensland. I returned to complete a degree in Science, majoring in ecology, before beginning a ten year career in conservation biology.

For the first four years I was involved in a number of roles. I have worked for Birdlife Australia at their Broome Bird Observatory, and in head office running the Atlassing in NRM Regions project. I also worked with the Queensland Government on the design and community consultation stages of WetlandInfo, an important and comprehensive database of wetland-based information for the state of Queensland.

My final six years before returning to UQ to undertake a PhD were spend working as an ecological consultant around Australia, conducting environmental impact surveys in some of our most beautiful and sensitive environments. It was working within this system that convinced me there is a great need for change in how we approach the assessment and protection of threatened species and ecological communities in Australia.

My PhD is focused on the threatened species listing process in all its forms in Australia. I am investigating questions on how policy and legislation differ across the country, the impacts of data deficiency, and ways in which the various processes can be improved.

You can contact me here or follow me on twitter.

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