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✉ brooke.williams


PhD Candidate

I'm a PhD student in the Green Fire Science lab focusing on the conservation of intact or under-developed lands and how to plan for competing objectives within these landscapes. So far, I've largely been looking at the Orinoquia region in Colombia as part of a collaborative SNAPP project between UQ, WCS, TNC and CIAT:

This biodiverse tropical savannah landscape is currently at risk of being developed by agricultural industries, so we have created a spatial planning framework that can help stakeholders meet agricultural expansion objectives while minimising negative impacts to biodiversity and ecosystem services. We are currently writing this work up for publication. 

I'm interested in all conservation of all kinds, but particularly in tricky situations where there are multiple, competing objectives involved. Please feel free to email any time if you're keen to get in touch. 

2018 Global Scholar:

Green Fire Science

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