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ABOUT Bonnie


✉ b.mappin [at]

507A, Goddard Building

PhD Candidate

I have a strong passion for the natural world. My interest in the environment was nurtured from my childhood, growing up on the doorstep of a national park in the Perth hills of Western Australia.


Following several years working in business roles, I decided I wanted to apply my analytical strength in a successful career being part of the solution to the mounting problems in the environment.  In 2012, I completed an MSc in Quantitative Biology at Imperial College London. I thrived at the research component of the course and was driven to commence working in a research role. For the next three years I worked as a research assistant at University of Oxford in the Spatial Ecology and Epidemiology Group.


I commenced my PhD in October 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Hugh Possingham, A/Prof. James Watson and Dr Moreno Di Marco. My PhD research focuses on evidence-based decision science for the optimisation of limited funds in conservation efforts for halting biodiversity loss. The main themes of my research include restoration prioritisation, evaluation of protected areas and targets and conservation finance. I am keen to be part of the policy-science-management interface of conservation.


Green Fire Science

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