Humanity's footprint is squashing the world's wildlife

The planet's wildlife is increasingly living under the boot of humankind, a new study claims. A group of researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), University of Queensland and elsewhere used a comprehensive dataset on the "human footprint," which calculates the accumulated impact of human activities on the land's surface, to discover that a staggering 20,529 terrestrial vertebrate species are facing intense pressure from humanity. Read more here.

Quarter of the world's oceans need urgent action to preserve wildlife

More than a quarter of the world's oceans need "effective conservation" to stave off a rapid decline in biodiversity from over-fishing and provide protection from the effects of climate change. A University of Queensland-led team of researchers said 26 to 41 per cent of the oceans needed some protection to overcome human-led threats "as a bare minimum", according to a paper published on Saturday in One Earth. Read more here.

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