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Once the night parrot's enemy, feral cats could soon be key to rare bird's survival

The Australian night parrot is one of the most elusive birds in the world. Sightings of the green nocturnal parrot represent the holy grail for birdwatchers. "All of the evidence points to there being only a handful of birds in a couple of locations scattered across the country," University of Queensland ecologist Dr Steve Murphy said. Read more here.

Trap and release feral cat program to be launched in night parrot habitat

The Australian night parrot is known to be one of the most elusive birds in the world, known in only a few locations across Australia. Sightings of the medium-sized, nocturnal green parrot represent the "holy grail" for birdwatchers. And its 'tinkling bell' call is as difficult to detect as the bird itself. Researchers are about to embark on a feral cat control program in one of the night parrot's only known habitats — a program unlike any that have been undertaken before. Listen more here.

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