Flight of fancy

When he rediscovered the elusive night parrot in 2013, John Young became a hero in the bird world. But his reputation is now in tatters after the veracity of his latest fieldwork was criticised by a panel of experts. Did the charismatic naturalist fake evidence of the green and yellow feathered creature? Listen to full story here

Heart of the Nation

It’s late evening, approaching Parrot O’Clock, in the parched country southwest of Winton in outback Queensland, and Nick Leseberg’s two colleagues are using binoculars to scan the spinifex. That’s wishful thinking, surely: in three years of intensive fieldwork here, studying the night parrot for his PhD, Leseberg has seen this most elusive of birds fewer than a dozen times. How can a striking green and gold parrot be so hard to spot? Because it’s nocturnal, ground-dwelling, shy and very rare. In 2013, when one was photographed and filmed on this 56,000ha former cattle property, it was the first time since the 1870s that a live specimen had been studied. Bush Heritage, in a bid to protect wh

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