Saving the Night Parrot

The Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) is one of the most mysteriously elusive birds on the planet. Only found here in Australia, the mostly ground dwelling nocturnal Parrot was thought to have been extinct for over 100 years. But with recent evidence of the Parrot being found throughout Queensland in the form of two dead birds in 1990 and 2006 the hope of finding the Parrot alive grew. Listen to the full story here.

Australia's faunal extinction crisis

One February 1st, Prof. James Watson and Dr. April Reside fronted the Senate committee based on the Green Fire Science submission last year on the faunal extinction crisis. Read the full inquiry here.

How to preserve nature on a tight budget

THE NORTHERN spotted owl, pictured above, is a handsome creature. Dark brown and, as the name implies, dappled with white flecks, it stands up to half a metre tall when perched on branches in the ancient forests of America’s north-west. Its swivel neck lets it scan its sylvan habitat for woodrats, flying squirrels and other prey—or, rather, to scan what is left of that habitat, after decades of heavy logging. This logging has caused the owl’s numbers to decline steadily. Fewer than 2,500 pairs remain, mainly in Oregon, northern California and Washington. As a result, the spotted owl is listed under America’s Endangered Species Act. Listing means money. Efforts directed at preserving spotted

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