Expanding protected areas isn't saving nature

Scientific American interviews James Watson and Martine Maron about their latest Nature paper 'Bold nature retention targets are essential for the global environment agenda' and the need for retention targets for nature, in addition to protected areas. Read more here.

Nick Leseberg wins the Jiro Kikkawa prize in Ecology

Nick Leseberg has been awarded the Jiro Kikkawa prize in Ecology for the highest marks in Biol 2010, Ecology. The prize was established in 2012 to honour the contribution of Professor Jiro Kikkawa to the fields of Population Ecology, Ethology, Community Energetics, Animal Behaviour and Ornithology.

Selling the Protected Area Myth

The New York Times talks about Kendall Jones and co-authors' Science paper, 'One third of global protected land is under intense human pressure'. Read the full article here.

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