Major Report Paints Grim Picture of Biodiversity

James Watson talks to the Sierra Magazine about the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services report on Biodiversity: “I think, frankly, this is one of the few reports which is taking in all the global data, which is getting immense at this point. Even five years ago this amount of information was impossible to see and analyze,” he says. “The IPBES is telling the truth in the way IPCC is telling the truth. It frames the problem in a realistic way. We have never really known how much trouble biodiversity is in and this will allow us to make decisions around that.” Read more here

National nature submission

The Federal Government recently released a draft version of "Australia's strategy for nature 2018-2030: Australia's biodiversity conservation strategy and action inventory". The Green Fire Science lab were disappointed with the draft actions, specifically with how superficial the actions were, how they were not framed as smart actions and how they only focused on public education. We need a broader suite of actions to save our threatened species and protect our environment. The lab have submitted a public comment in response to the draft document.

How to find a night parrot

For more than a century scientists were unable to pinpoint a location where the elusive Night Parrot could be found and studied. After the discovery of a population in western Queensland in 2013, the last 12-18 months has seen the discovery of birds at several more locations across the continent. As one of the organisations tasked with leading research into the species, Green Fire Science was asked to contribute to a recent article in Australian Birdlife’s national magazine discussing these recent discoveries, and how research will contribute to conservation of this iconic species.

The World’s Wilderness: Going, Going and Soon Gone?

James Watson talks to Outside Magazine about wilderness: “Our calculation is that there will be no globally significant wilderness in 50 years time,” Watson told Outside recently. “There will be patches of green, but there will be nothing big, anymore.” Read more here

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