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Lab Associate

I have worked in the field of wildlife conservation for many years throughout Australia, and across a variety of roles including with the Queensland and Victorian Governments, Biosis, GHD, JCU TropWater and CSIRO.  I am currently a Healthy Landscape Manager and Ecologist with Bush Heritage Australia, based in Longreach and responsible for the arid and riverine landscapes in south-western Queensland.  In these roles, I have had to tackle the application of research, ecology and conservation data to management decisions, in all its multitude of successes and frustrations.  I am revelling in my current role working for an NGO whose imprimatur is landscape and species focussed conservation outcomes for Australia’s fantastic biodiversity.

I have ended up, by design, a jack of all trades field ecologist, having delved into bird, mammal, reptile, plant, and community ecology, across a diverse range of ecosystems from wet forests to arid rangelands. My research has ping-ponged around threatened species, landscape ecology, environmental and climate change, biodiversity monitoring and condition assessment, and the impact of threatening processes (fire and grazing, weeds and feral animals, despotic native species). I am now focused on more practical reserve management outcomes, but key to this is facilitating and working in research partnerships to undertake targeted projects that help Bush Heritage manage its estate more effectively. I am pleased therefore to join Green Fire Science as an adjunct.

My current projects include the definition and assessment of a threatened woodland bird community for Australia, tropical savanna community ecology, fire, despotic species, night and golden-shouldered parrots, small mammals and bird ecology, predators and cat suppression, GIS analysis for management and planning, and the development of effective monitoring programs.  I am more than happy to talk to anyone about projects, collaborations, ideas, or anything really.

I have in the past, and am currently serving on, several scientific and advisory boards and committees, including: Associate Editor for Austral Ornithology (current) and North Queensland Naturalist (current), Member of the Night Parrot and Red-finned Blue-eye Recovery Teams (current), Scientific and Program Advisory Committee for the BirdLife Australasian Bi-annual Ornithological Congress (current), Member of the Black-throated Finch Recovery Team (2005-2007, 2014-2016), Secretary Ecosystem Science Council, Ecological Society of Australia, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, (2015 – 2016), Member AUSPLOTS Technical Advisory Committee, Australian Government Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, (2014 – 2017), Member Scientific Advisory Committee, Wet Tropics World Heritage Management Authority, (2011-2015), Editorial Board for Biodiversity and Conservation (Springer) (2010-2012) and Co-project leader of the Tropical Savanna CRC Savanna Biodiversity program (2004-2008).

Green Fire Science